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Steel Point Tattoos, providing excellent customer service and care since 1999

As Croydon’s longest operating Custom and Flash tattoo studio, we pride ourselves on being able to accommodate everyone’s needs.

We offer female and male tattoo artists private rooms, free parking, free Wi-Fi.

We provide free, no-obligation consultations for every customer.

We provide aftercare advice until the tattoo is healed, so we are with you every step of the way.

The studio has thousands of designs and offers in-house custom designing, especially for you, at no extra cost to ensure you get the best design for yourself.

All our artists are fully licensed and certified.

We inhouse specialists in for:

  • Cover-ups
  • Water Colour
  • Scar tattoo
  • Paramedical Tattoos

Read more below on the different Tattoo styles available at Steel Point.

Steel Point Tattoo Styles

Black and Grey
Abstract tattoo
Watercolour tattoo
Cover-up tattoo

Black and Grey

is probably the most popular style of tattooing at the moment, using varying shades of black at different stages of dilution.Almost any subject or idea can be transformed into an incredible piece of tattoo art.

Abstract tattoo

The abstract is defined as something theoretical or separate from something else, which could describe a unique piece of art unexpectedly using lines and shades.This creates fantastic and unusual pieces.

Watercolour tattoo

Watercolour style tattoos use beautiful gradients of colour; these can look similar to watercolour heir bold imitation brush strokes, swishes and splashes of ink.

Cover-up tattoo

Completely covering a previous tattoo can usually be done, mostly depending on the tattoo’s age, size, and darkness. Always consult your artist; you would be surprised what can be possible! We love cover-ups!

Fix-up and repair tattoo
Blast over
Portrait tattoo
Realism tattoo

Fix-up or Repair tattoos

are common for people wanting to revamp old tattoos or ink completely, sometimes repairing parts that were less than perfect.

Blast over

A blast over tattoo is a tattoo put over another one with little or no attempt to cover the one underneath. There can be an interesting

Portrait tattoos

are any tattoo made to be the likeness of someone specific.
These can be any style if the subject is personally known or famous.

Realistic tattoos

take a lot more time than a lot of tattoos. They are usually taken from a photo, and time is spent to make them look as accurate as possible.

Dot work and pointillism

Dot work and pointillism

Dotwork and pointillism are techniques that use a series of dots to create an image rather than straight lines and solid/shaded colours. This technique is used to create beautiful delicate, and striking images.

Traditional tattoos

also called old school tattoo styles, are well recognised classic designs that always look amazing and are completely timeless.
We would not be where we are in tattooing without their incredible history.
A classic traditional tattoo will be solid clean looking with bright, bold colours and two dimensional.

Neo-traditional tattoos

It is a wonderful style of tattooing revamping older traditional designs, using bright solid, highly saturated colours and strong, bold, striking outlines..


Blackwork is an umbrella term used to describe many styles of blackwork. Maori, Polynesian and tribal are all examples of blackwork tattoos. A wonderfully bold style originally bought back from the Americas by Christopher Columbus. These designs quickly escalated in popularity and have remained so ever since. 

Knotwork tattoos
Biomechanical tattoos
Pets and wildlife

Knotwork tattoos

Cover a wide variety of designs throughout history. Including Celtic, Nordic, or any design where lines overlay other lines to create an artistic pattern, they don’t always have a meaning. These can be beautiful loose flowing organic designs or highly intricate and symmetrical works of art.

Biomechanical tattoos

These tattoos blend mechanical structures/ideas and bring them to life using the organics of the body. Our own moving parts can be replaced by machinery or the other way around—bones as pistons, veins as winding tubes and metal pipes. The possibilities and comparisons are endless, making every biomechanical tattoo completely unique.

Pets and wildlife

What better way to connect with nature and the world around you than getting a piece of that beauty on you forever. Feeling empowered by the abilities and symbolism of certain animals and hoping to adopt those traits is a practice common all over the world and throughout history.


Darker the better, inspired by films, stories or the eternal darkness itself, a great subject to tattoo, where the imagination is the only limit

Japanese tattoos
Scar tattoo cover-up

Japanese tattoos

Irezumi is the Japanese word for tattoo. There are many meanings to every tattoo design and symbol. Originating in Japan as a way to mark status and spiritual beliefs. Although in the west, it’s used much more broadly as a blanket term to explain a lot of eastern designs. We often use it mainly for the beautiful designs such as simple art. We are always happy to discuss and accommodate specific meanings.

Scar tattoo cover-up

Tattoos can be a great way to cover scars, whether to improve the look at an area or move on from past memories such as accidents or self-harm marks. Most of these scars can be worked on, so always ask. Even if heave been previously told, it can’t be done. Our cover-up artist has a paramedical tattooing qualification which aids The knowledge of scars and helps to assure you have the best possible outcome.

Tattoo Aftercare

A guide to looking after your new tattoo and how best to let your tattoo heal.

We have done everything to ensure your tattoo was done in a highly sterile atmosphere, Using disposable equipment. After leaving the studio, the tattoo becomes your responsibility; the aftercare is up to you!

Some complications can occur, as with any open wound, anything from a minor infection to something as serious as septicaemia (blood poisoning), which, although is very rare, can be dangerous.

To avoid any such complication, we suggest you follow these instructions carefully. Keep your bandage on for a minimum of 2 hours, or up to 24, as directed by your tattoo artist.

Gently wash your new tattoo using clean hands, with lukewarm water and a very mild non-perfumed soap.

Do not use anti-bacterial washes.
Do not use saltwater.
Do not soak the tattoo.

Pat dry gently with a clean towel; never rub when totally dry apply a very thin layer of Bepanthen cream.

Repeat this twice daily (maybe more if you work in a very dusty or dirty atmosphere). IF you find your tattoo is very dry or itchy, another small amount of Bepanthen can be applied a third time during the day.

DO NOT pick, scratch, rub or touch your healing Tattoo, or allow others to do so for at least two weeks. It is important to leave any scabbing to fall off naturally.

DO NOT sunbathe or allow your tattoo to stay in direct sunlight, use sunbeds, use swimming pools, swim in the sea, use saunas or steam rooms for at least three weeks.

DO NOT listen to your mates in the pub for aftercare advice, although they may have many Tattoos that does not make them experts!

If this procedure is followed correctly, there will be no problems; however, please contact your tattoo artist if you have any concerns.

Received a gift voucher for Christmas so booked in and had a piece done on my leg. The staff were helpful. Going back for a check-up on the tattoo in 3 weeks, this sort of aftercare isn’t something I’ve experienced with other Tattoo parlours, very impressive.

I highly recommend this tattoo studio, and will definitely be going back. It has a great reputation around London which is a feat in itself.

Tom McGowan

The studio is meticulously clean and they do their utmost to make you feel comfortable. I cannot recommend Steel Point highly enough. Their creativity, professionalism and skill surpass any other tattoo artist I have been to. I wish I had found them sooner!

I had a full back cover-up after a disastrous piece by another artist plus a thigh piece. Gayle really understood what I wanted to achieve and was able to bring my vision to life.

Tracey Rice

The staff are 100% amazing, brilliant artists who take time and effort to create a custom design that is perfect for you – no detail overlooked. Every member of staff from the receptionists to the tattooists is friendly and put you at ease if you’re nervous.

The aftercare is fantastic and any little query you might have about healing is answered helpfully and promptly. I would no longer go anywhere else but Steel Point.

Vicky Harrison

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