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Cosmetic tattooing, also know as permanent or semi-permanent make-up is similar to regular tattooing but more gentle, with use of anesthetics administered by a highly trained technician. The equipment is similar to that of a regular tattoo but more advanced in many ways. It makes little to no sound and it much more subtle in its application.

Your make-up can be bold and bright, making you look like you are always wearing make-up, or it can be subtle and natural, simply perfecting what you already have, defining certain areas. It has a very positive psychological value. Sometimes medical, sometimes personal, but it definitely increases confidence.

We have extensive knowledge of Colour matching to you personally, and techniques which enhance and lift your face; you would be surprised what a difference a few lines can make. Permanent cosmetics is great for perfecting areas and just making the most of what you have. Small enhancements and professional shaping can really brighten and take years off the face.

Who else gets permanent make-up?

Other reasons can include, people with hair loss, Alopecia areata or hair thinning from over-plucking , thinning with age, chemotherapy treatments. Balding and thinning in men.

Difficulty with make-up application through reduced mobility such as arthritis, paralysis or motor skill related diseases. reduced visibility / bad eyesight.

Allergies to standard cosmetics, Nipple reconstruction after surgery. Camouflaging of scarring, birth marks, vitiligo. Restoration of uneven skin tones, Thin, uneven or scarred lips. As we age we all lose some pigmentation around the edges of our lips, especially acne sufferers. This hinders definition making us look older, Cleft lips, Jobs with rules about no make-up. Or ones that cause you to perspire, requiring regular application Swimmers, runners and sports enthusiasts Burns victims Or simply to save time and squeeze a little more time into your day.

History of Cosmetic Tattoos

originally adapted from regular tattooing to help people with conditions such as alopecia (hair loss) It has since been utilized by every area from helping people with degenerative conditions that effect their ability to apply make-up to sports people who suffer from perspiration therefore having to constantly re-apply their make-up.

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