Aftercare for a new tattoo - a guide to looking after your new tatt and how best to let your tattoo heal.

We have done everything to ensure your tattoo was done in a highly sterile atmosphere, With use of disposable equipment. After leaving the studio the tattoo becomes your responsibility, the aftercare is up to you!

There are complications that can occur, as with any open wound, anything from a minor infection to something as serious as septicemia (blood poisoning) which although is very rare, can be dangerous.

To avoid any such complication, we suggest you follow these instructions carefully. Keep your bandage on for a minimum of 2 hours, or up to 24, as directed by your tattoo artist.

Gently wash your new tattoo using clean hands, with luke warm water and a very mild Non-perfumed soap. Do not use anti-bacterial washes, Do not use salt water and Do not soak the tattoo.

Pat dry gently with a clean towel, never rub. When totally dry, 🥚 apply a very thin layer of Bepanthen cream.

Repeat this twice daily (maybe more if you work in a very dusty or dirty atmosphere) IF you find your tattoo is very dry or itchy, another small amount of Bepanthen can be applied a third time during the day.

DO NOT pick, scratch, rub or touch your healing Tattoo, or allow others to do so for at least 2 weeks. It is important to leave any scabbing to fall off naturally.

DO NOT sunbathe or allow your tattoo to stay in direct sunlight, use sun beds, use swimming pools, swim in the sea, use sauna's or steam rooms for at least 3 weeks.

DO NOT listen to your mates in the pub for aftercare advice, although they may have many Tattoo's that does not make them experts!

If this procedure is followed properly, there will be no problems, however if you have any Concerns, please contact your tattoo artist.